F. A. Owen, Co. 
Dansville, N.Y.

Fredrick A. Owen

F.A. Owen factory, Danville, N.Y.

Owen/ Halloween Good Wishes/ orange
Owen series FA001-2/ Halloween Good Wishes/ red
Owen/ Halloween Greeting/ a Halloween
Owen/ Wishing you luck on Halloween/ this genial
Owen/ Halloween Greeting/ the witches are riding
Owen/ Halloween Greetings/ Here a jovial pumpkin
Owen/ Halloween Greetings/ may 
Owen/ Halloween thoughts/ Halloween
Owen/ Halloween Wishes/ at Halloween
Metropolitan or Owen?/ Hello and A Happy Halloween

Owen (Woodworth) series 201B/ A Joyous Halloween/ may all the games
Owen (Woodworth) series 201-4/ A Scary Halloween
Owen series 202A/ Through the dark
Owen series 204A/ Halloween it's going to be a swell
Signed M.H.S.
Owen series 206C/ In this mirror
Owen series 207-2/ A Gladsome Halloween
Owen series 856 MJ In this mirror
Owen series 206D/ This Little
Owen series 865/ This little witch
Owen series 208B/ Should black cats
Owen series 220C Some Ghosts
Owen/? Ghost
Owen 207C/ A Spooky Halloween
Owen series 221C/ The Goblins
Owen series 307D/ A Jolly Halloween
Owen series 850-1/ Bobbing for apples
Owen series 851/ Apples hanging in a row
Signed J.P.S.
Owen series 852/ At Halloween/ c1916
Owen series 853/ The blackest cats
Owen series 858/ Halloween
Owen series 860/ A Halloween Catastrophe
Owen series 861-2/ I feel that the old witch
Owen series 862-1/ On Halloween I surely mean
Owen series 863/ May the night be full of
Owen series 868/ Tu-wit
Signed M.H.S.
Owen series 872/ While FarAway
Owen series 800/ Congratulations
Owen?/ Pumpkin on fencepost
Owen? They simmer in this pot

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